Fig. 4 - HYDRO-MAXX SIC Advanced Electrolysis

A New Evolution of Control – The State of the Art.

The Hydro-Maxx patented Servo-Integrated-Control (SIC), (see fig. 4) provides an unsurpassed level of control and programmability. Controlling systems from lawnmowers to ocean liners is now possible with this device.

While all other systems operate in an unintelligent “open-Loop” the SIC uses sophisticated algorithms to control every aspect of the process. Similar in design to automation systems, operational parameters are continuously monitored in a “closed Loop” for exact control of variables like Current, Voltage, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Temperature, Pressure, Pump Speed, and others to provide a safe, repeatable, reliable and user sustainable system.

Other features include Auto-Refill, Environmental Control, and Active Tank Monitoring, just to name a few. The SIC is the most advanced controller of it's kind in the known world today.