Emissions Technology - Problems & Solutions

In recent years solutions have been developed to combat the problem of diesel emissions. Some are quite effective. However, often these solutions create new problems - robbing the engine of power, clogging valves and filters, increasing engine temperatures and reducing fuel economy.

The one thing these solutions all have in common is treating the problem after the fact.

The primary source of diesel emissions is incomplete combustion of fuel which then leaves the engine as exhaust. Currently available solutions treat emissions in the exhaust through the use of filters or high temperature catalytic reactions.

Clogged Valves Clogged Filters Loss of Power

Reduced Payload

Expensive Consumables Higher Engine Temps Reduced Fuel Economy Oil Degradation & Consumption
Exhaust Gas Recirculation X X X     X X X
Selective Catalytic Reduction       X X   X  
Diesel Particulate Filter   X X   X X X X
Flow Through Filters   X X   X X X X
Closed Crankcase Ventilation X   X       X  


The HYDRO-MAXX® Solution deals with the problem at the source, completely combusting the fuel before it leaves the engine. Complete combustion eliminates the problems caused by other emissions solutions. Adding Hydroxy Gas (hydrogen & oxygen or “HHO”) to the combustion process reduces engine temperature, prolongs oil life, prevents valves and filters from clogging, reduces consumption of expensive consumables and increases horsepower and fuel economy.

The end result is higher efficiency and lower operating costs from a cooler running, more powerful engine.