So how does it work?

Hydro-Maxx uses Distilled Water and an average of 20 amps from the alternator to create “hydroxy gas” (hydrogen & oxygen or “HHO”) through electrolysis, only when the engine is running. The infused HHO binds to the diesel fuel which results in enhanced flame propagation and combustion.

Because safety comes first, the system works at low pressure without “storing” any HHO gas. No engine adjustments are required to achieve the HYDRO-MAXX benefits of reduced emissions, increased power and better fuel economy.

Is it safe?
An Underwriters Laboratory listed pressure relief valve, hydrogen certified fittings, redundant ani-detonation tanks, and instant venting on shut-down provide for safe emissions reduction and increased power. Our Servo Integrated
Controller continuously monitors the system and immediately shuts it down if any unsafe condition is detected. If for any reason the Hydro-MAXX shuts down, your engine runs just as it did before the system was installed.

Is it easy to use?
Simply add distilled water every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The other two fluids only need to be topped off every three months. The Driver’s In-Cab Display lets you know when fluids are required.

Is it difficult to install?
The Hydro-MAXX box is mounted using 4 bolts. Five wires are required: three to the battery, one to the ignition, and one to an engine run sensor—usually an oil pressure switch. A hose delivers HHO to the Gas Inlet Nozzle which is installed in front of the turbo in the air intake boot . No engine modifications or adjustments are required.