Introducing HYDRO-MAXX®

The HYDRO-MAXX® Servo-Controlled On-Board Hydrogen Oxygen Generator gets back to square one with nature’s solution to eliminating emissions. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in our universe. It fuels our Sun, and when combined with Oxygen and diesel fuel, it provides the catalyst needed to completely burn the fuel.

The Heart of the HYDRO-MAXX system is Square1 Energy’s patents pending Servo Integrated Controller, (SIC). The Controller is a micro-computer that continuously monitors operating parameters of the On-Board Hydrogen-Oxygen Generator. Algorithms send servo control signals to the HHO Generator, Refill System, and Environmental System to ensure safe, consistent, and reliable HHO delivery to the engine. The HYDRO-MAXX SIC is the only tested and proven FCC compliant electrolysis controller on the market to date.

Hydro-Maxx uses Distilled Water and an average of 20 amps from the alternator to create “hydroxy gas” (hydrogen & oxygen or “HHO”) only when the engine is running.

The infused HHO binds to the diesel fuel which results in enhanced flame propagation and combustion. Because safety comes first, the system works at low pressure without “storing” any HHO gas. No engine adjustments are required to achieve the HYDRO-MAXX benefits of reduced emissions, increased power and better fuel economy.