Fuel Processing
The HYDRO-MAXX® IFP-316, In-Line Fuel Processor passively pre-conditions and aligns the unorganized fuel molecules by “charging” the fuel via a highly focused energy field to aid in better combustion.

Combustion Enhancement
The Hydroxyl Gas produced by the HYDRO-MAXX® 2.0 Onboard Hydrogen/Oxygen Generator System is “electrically” charged to attach to the fuel. This “highly charged“ mixture provides nearly 100% complete combustion resulting in lower emissions, increased power, torque, and better fuel economy.

Oil Refining
The HYDRO-MAXX® iORS, Integrated Oil Refining System, completely cleans and “refines” the engine oil removing water, fuel, metals, carbon, and combustion gases. It does not interfere with or affect OEM engine oil filter system, is virtually maintenance free (can be serviced while your engine is running), and can reduce engine wear up to 95%. It also drastically extends oil life 4-5 times its normal change out cycle. Regular and periodic replacement of the Refiner Pac can eliminate the need for oil replacement. We guarantee 150,000 miles or 7000 hours between oil changes!